git checkout with submodules and branch name

A quick way to checkout a repo with submodules and retain the branch name.
Apr 23, 2023

Node.js vs PHP: A Comparison for Backend REST Services

A quick comparison between Node.js and PHP for backend REST services.
Mar 15, 2023

I am an Elementor Testimonial!

My review of Elementor Builder has been used on the official Elementor website :-)
Jan 26, 2023

Why choose Dart for your next backend application development

Some good reasons to use Dart as your next general purpose programming language
Dec 17, 2022

A reply to a 10 years old email

Reply to a 10 years old email regarding a Portable AmigaE compiler
Nov 8, 2022

A new word: 'hexocode'

The new hexocode means every part of the code that can be machine generated.
Oct 27, 2022